If we don't want to lose it sometimes it's best to prioritize first things first. But we're leading to that path while we achieve our goals. We have to be open-minded so the future doesn't fade out. Because they say future is what our minds have created. It's how we predict our lives to be... Continue Reading →

Dear Anxiety

Take a bullet to my head Splatter my brains on a silver platter Serve it with your daily bread and get your life together What's the matter Something's out of place Cheers to you for noticing I'm wearing my best face This is a masquerade and yes I will take this dance just you and... Continue Reading →

Own Identity

I love art but I don't consider myself an artist or writer. As to what describes me best is left to how people see me. Every art piece has its goal and that is to have an appeal to its audience.  My own personal identity is a fingerprint of worth or value. It is distinct... Continue Reading →


  There's this belief where it talks about destiny... while you're looking for the person, the person already found you and while you found the person, the person is still searching for you. And when the time comes these two people meet, that's when you feel that rare connection. That you must have found each... Continue Reading →


While the night takes so long and the morning is too far ahead I feel the emptiness, the longing and thought of many tears I'll shed... And when the morning comes, how I wanna wake up with you by my side I longed for that feeling and only to find myself you are gone And... Continue Reading →

Dear Future Partner #4

I will wait everyday for that star I wished for... I'd write to you so if ever destiny has finally decided to bring you to me, I'll read my letters to you. I'd let you know how the day went through without you... and how the thought of you has changed me and how it... Continue Reading →

Dear Future Partner #3

Loving you will be like tap on the water where it waves... It can reach miles and miles... And if I'm there and you're having a bad day I'd stare at you and still think how beautiful you are And not think of you being cranky I'd tell myself "look at her she's worried too... Continue Reading →

More Than Meets the Eye

It is beyond description to reveal oneself. Like art, It is a mystery that needs to be unfolded. I stood in front of a mirror and it showed my true color and shape. But, it does not exactly describe who I really am.

Dear Future Partner #2

  I will take all of you. All your flaws, bad habits and your past. I will understand and not think less of you. I will take time and love everything about you. All that you are is who I will fall in love with. Know that I will always be here for you and... Continue Reading →

Dear Future Partner #1

I can be anywhere in the world. I maybe doing something; working or perhaps in some place where my thoughts can only reach you. Know that there will never be minute of the day I won't think of you.

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