I love the idea of journaling. I think It’s because the idea of having tangible record of your thoughts at different stages of your life is really interesting. I’ve had old blog before that I had to delete… that I regret doing now. It’s a good growth tracker. It’s good to look back and reflect, see how much you’ve changed. I know how different I am today. I look back and I see how angry I am and misunderstood I felt at my teenage years. So much different than today. Today… the ever-constant changing and always apparently out of reach at any given time.  Sometimes it’s hard to focus on just one thing because “Today” is always waving “Hi” and  saying “Maybe Later” at the exact moment. It comes up to you as you breathe in fresh air and out again as you exhale. But other times it just stays with you and wont go away. Just for today.

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