If we don't want to lose it sometimes it's best to prioritize first things first. But we're leading to that path while we achieve our goals. We have to be open-minded so the future doesn't fade out. Because they say future is what our minds have created. It's how we predict our lives to be... Continue Reading →

Instant Noodles

If you're Asian or a student or just someone who are just too lazy to cook and cup noodles just happens to be readily available, you would probably have it as a meal replacement. I remember when I was in elementary; I eat instant noodles almost every weekdays after school as a snack. I used... Continue Reading →


I love the idea of journaling. I think It's because the idea of having tangible record of your thoughts at different stages of your life is really interesting. I've had old blog before that I had to delete... that I regret doing now. It's a good growth tracker. It's good to look back and reflect,... Continue Reading →

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