Multo ng Nakaraan Pt. 2

“My Present Ghost”

I know my heart is beating for someone out there
Someone who called out my name and someone who care
I know you are the one who always appear in my dreams
Someone I feel who have loved me, before, no matter how impossible it seems

I know you are the reason that led me to hope from sunrise till sunset
Someone who have always think of me and never forget
I know you are dearest to my heart no matter how far you may be
For I feel you always and you reached out to me

Our fate may change as the day can go by, way, too fast
But I will seize the day to make each memory of you, last
And if you ever make it in the nick of time
I hope that day, our path have crossed, and you’re finally mine

Your breath will soon fill my aching heart
To live each day and never shall part
But I have a lifetime loving you
For I have searched for you in every journey I have been through
My present mystery ghost


By M.C | Date Written: October 18, 2017

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