Notions Of Love



(1) We’ve had fears to fall like we never would want to love, at all
Haven’t we had our hearts been broken
And letting someone in only to have us forgotten
Why do we love only to think that there will always be an ending
But how does one really know when a heart stops aching
Doesn’t anyone care, at all, for a love that lasts
Or are we fond always of remembering memories in the past

(2) When can one truly say what is meant is truly love
If sweet words are spoken yet the heart never throbs
And the thoughts are taken away to some place unknown
The fear and doubts are vividly shown
(3) We uttered beautiful vows and great promises
As if they will never be broken and there’ll be no compromises
Tell us when this vision of love will ever be real
Only to know there was really nothing to fulfill

(4) Why do we make love suffer through the hands of the heartless
Or have we lose our minds and have become wicked or reckless
Haven’t we thought of those who fought every aching moment
We never spare them from any pain or lament

(5) Let us not envision the so-called love like it is just a trivial thing
Haven’t we shared the feeling that gives life more meaning
If loving is believing that there’s something worth keeping
Would you be like everyone else I know who gives up and keep losing


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