Dear Future Partner #3


Loving you will be like tap on the water where it waves…
It can reach miles and miles… And if I’m there and you’re having a bad day
I’d stare at you and still think how beautiful you are
And not think of you being cranky
I’d tell myself “look at her she’s worried too much… She doesn’t know how much I love everything about her.”
Then I’d hold your hands
And if you don’t feel like it I’d be patient
Or maybe make you something to drink or eat
And if you wouldn’t like it, I’d put it aside
I’d understand
I’d wait patiently
I’d stay where you are and listen to your sighs
Deep inside I will try to communicate with you in the silence
Making you feel my presence
I will be there in case you’re ready to talk
Or if you want me to hug you
Just when you call my name I’d be opening my arms and hold you

I want to give you a kind of love that gives you kindness
And through patience we will understand

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