If I were to give you a piece of my heart
Would you take care of it
If I were to share my life with you
Would you live it

I came not to give you pain
I know this is crazy, this is insane
It almost sound corny and yes it may seem
I just adore you dearly and it always has been

But If I have to carry on a life without you
I know I will be shattered but I will for you
I will face each day without regret
Living with your memories, how can I forget

Though you may not remember me after all
I will still be here and will be there when you call
I may be in desperation or in despair
I just wish for you to know that I just care

And if someone ever makes you cry
I will do everything with all might and I will try
I’ll take the fall and tell you the reason why
That I have always loved you even though you said goodbye

Written: May 13, 2016

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