If we don't want to lose it sometimes it's best to prioritize first things first. But we're leading to that path while we achieve our goals. We have to be open-minded so the future doesn't fade out. Because they say future is what our minds have created. It's how we predict our lives to be... Continue Reading →

Instant Noodles

If you're Asian or a student or just someone who are just too lazy to cook and cup noodles just happens to be readily available, you would probably have it as a meal replacement. I remember when I was in elementary; I eat instant noodles almost every weekdays after school as a snack. I used... Continue Reading →


I love the idea of journaling. I think It's because the idea of having tangible record of your thoughts at different stages of your life is really interesting. I've had old blog before that I had to delete... that I regret doing now. It's a good growth tracker. It's good to look back and reflect,... Continue Reading →

Multo ng Nakaraan Pt. 2

"My Present Ghost" I know my heart is beating for someone out there Someone who called out my name and someone who care I know you are the one who always appear in my dreams Someone I feel who have loved me, before, no matter how impossible it seems I know you are the reason... Continue Reading →

Malaya X Paalam

Ang tulang nabuo ko pagkatapos mapakinggan ang kantang "Malaya" By Moira Dela Torre at "Too Good At Goodbyes" ni Sam Smith. Ikaw na hinayaang pag hariin ang puso ko Sa iyong mga pangakong napako naging alipin ako Ang pag-ibig na dating nagbigay ng sigla Pinaubaya ko na sa iba, binitawan dahil hindi na dapat Pagmamahal... Continue Reading →

Multo Ng Nakaraan Pt. 1

Isa, dalawa, tatlo Ilang beses ka na ba lumalabas sa panaginip ko Hindi naman kita iniisip pero bakit sumusulpot ka sa isip ko pag ako'y natutulog? Kasayahan nga ang dulot mo pag ako'y nananaginip Mahimbing ang yapos mo sa aking isip Pero kung kalungkutan naman ang epekto mo Sa aking paggising Pwede bang wag mo... Continue Reading →

Dear Anxiety

Take a bullet to my head Splatter my brains on a silver platter Serve it with your daily bread and get your life together What's the matter Something's out of place Cheers to you for noticing I'm wearing my best face This is a masquerade and yes I will take this dance just you and... Continue Reading →

Intoxicate Me

  Hey you Move and pour me a glass of wine and tell me you're mine I'll touch that face and tell you're a big disgrace and watch you suffer my sweet lover I see the light in your eyes but sweetie you're wearing a disguise This masquerade is over The horses are sober Go... Continue Reading →


  Sino siya? Sabi nila siya'y batang napagkaitan ng katotohanan Sapagkat siya ay namulat sa isang kasinungalinggan Gusto ko siyang makilala at maging kaibigan Sino ako? Ano ba ang aking nakaraan Madaming tanong ang gumugulo sa munti kong isipan Na daig pa ang estrangherong naliligaw sa lansangan Gusto kong malaman lahat ng dapat kong kinalakihan... Continue Reading →

Notions Of Love

  (1) We've had fears to fall like we never would want to love, at all Haven't we had our hearts been broken And letting someone in only to have us forgotten Why do we love only to think that there will always be an ending But how does one really know when a heart... Continue Reading →

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